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Class 4C


Year 4's Stormy Stunning Start...

4S and 4EP returned after the Easter break to see our classrooms transformed into stormy ocean scenes complete with a working light house!


First we gathered in the hall onto an island where we set the scene...


In workshop one the children took part in drama exercise based on 'The Tempest' by William Shakespeare.


"I enjoyed the drama, you get to be dramatic and be someone else." Phoebe W

In workshop two the children experienced different ways of making sounds using a range of techniques from water filled bottles, spinning pieces of pipe and wobble boards.  The sounds created were like the ocean.  We also learnt about the ear and how we hear sound.


"I liked making things and all the different noises." Kian


"I liked trying out the new style of instruments." Yuvraj


In workshop three the children created beautiful watercolour paintings based on the ocean.  Year 4 had to decide what mood they wanted their painting to have and which colours would set the mood.


"I liked doing the art because I got to use paint and colour." Hope


At the end of the day we gathered in hall to showcase and share our experiences.  We also discussed what we had enjoyed the most.