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Mrs Newbery's Class - 5/6N 

Welcome to 5/6N's Ice Journey of 2017!

On the morning of Monday 18th September, we entered the school to a rather puzzling sight.  The Year 5/6 teachers were dressed in their winter gear and told us to prepare for a blizzard in the classrooms!

Cautiously, we crept into our classroom, and were greeted by twinkling lights and blocks of ice.

A howling, blizzard like wind filled the air as we tiptoed around and whispered our thoughts and ideas to each other.  We discussed all that we could see and hear: ice blocks holding clues, ships, snow and penguins.  What could this topic be?


In order to find an effective way to melt the blocks of ice and discover the clues, we conducted an ice experiment.

We wrapped smaller pieces of ice in different fabrics to try to see which were insulators and which would melt ice quicker.



We had this topic sussed in no time.  That's right - we are off on an Ice Journey to Antarctica courtesy of Earnest Shackleton's Voyage!