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Nature School

In Nature School sessions, Mr Clements facilitates outdoor learning experiences to boost confidence and build teamworking and problem-solving skills. It's a great way to explore Science, Maths and Design Technology in a hands-on, fresh-air, never-mind-the-weather sort of way! 

In the gallery below, you can spot children:

  • collaborating to solve physical/logistical challenges like The Amazon River Gold Rescue and Twig Circuit Relay
  • using their sense of hearing in the Listen like a Nocturnal Badger game
  • acting like responsible global citizens by recycling pallet wood into sustainable products to encourage pollinators in The Number 1 Mason Bee, Ladybird and Lacewing Hotel woodworking project
  • comparing the circumference of beech and cherry trees
  • identifying ash and oak trees from their leaf shape and pattern
  • comparing the seed dispersal strategies of plants: the Fruit and Nut-Eat-Move-Poop, the Catch the Wind,Spin and Soar method and the Stick to Fur Taxi Service
  • Roadtesting a three-way digital sensor to investigate temperature, sound and light levels, ready for the rest of the school to use