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Mrs Cooper's Class - 3C


When we came back to school after the Easter holidays we found out that the Parish Council had been in touch by email to ask for our help. A large bear had been spotted in several places around the village and the Parish Council were wondering whether we could help them find out what was going on.

We studied maps of the area to work out where the different sightings of the bear had been made. We then decided to walk to each of the locations to look for clues. We plotted a route on our maps and set out.

Our first port of call was the duck pond but there was no sign of a bear there. However, we did spot what looked like a paw print in some dried mud.

Next stop was the Co-op but again, no sign here. A member of staff did think that they had seen a brown figure walking down Station Road earlier in the day.

We followed the trail down Station Road towards the Fire Station but again, no sign. There was no sign at the Playground either. Walking down South Close, towards school, we spotted a couple of train ticket receipts which we kept for further analysis.

Back at school we considered what we had seen and heard and decided to make some posters asking for information. The posters had information on the bear and the contact details of the school in the hope that people might contact us with any other information.


As the result of our poster campaign we have heard from a member of the public that a bear matching the description of Paddington has recently been seen boarding a train for London. The mystery continues........


An excerpt from Paddington's Diary written by Charlie....


Meeting the Browns.

Dear diary,

What an extraordiary day I've had! When I arrived at Paddington Station, a family came over and offered to let me stay at their house.

At lunchtime, when I arrived, it was ghost like until a bright light emerged from the darkness. A train approached, getting closer and closer until it thunderously came to a halt.

At that exact moment, the doors opened, lots of people bolted and ignored me. As they trampled past I tried to be respectful but i wondered if i was actually doing something wrong? I was being ignored and my happy feelings died until a kind-hearted woman offered some help. Whilst she tried to get me a home, her husband took me to a cosy tea-room to warm up.

Inside, it was not very busy. I sat at a table near the entrance whilst Mr Brown got some coffee and cake. When he got back I was awe-struck when I saw mountains of cake topped with cream and jam. He told me it was called Victoria Sandwich. It was yummy. Then Mr Brown asked me what my name was so I said RROOOAAA! He tried to mimic me but failed dismally and it was very offensive. Later, the others came in and Mr Brown scurried over.I tried to follow but I got my foot stuck in an annoying teapot. Then Mr Brown gave me an awful look and then he abruptly invited me over.When i left the station, Mr Brown used something called a mobile phone and called a taxi man but to me it was jibberish.

Half an hour later, I got there and it was insanely incredible. Then I moved in and it was like a palace! I rubbed my hand on a hot thing. Five minutes later, for a bedtime snack, I was given a marmalade sandwich.

Bye now.





An unidentified object has landed at Long Buckby Junior School
An unidentified object has landed at Long Buckby Junior School

When we first arrived at school after the Christmas holidays, Mrs Cooper explained that something strange had happened outside.Everyone raced to the window and gazed out. There was danger tape warning us to stay at a distance. Behind the tape there was an unfamiliar object surrounded by ice of various shapes and sizes.

On closer inspection, we noticed that the object was actually a large, dark blue box.Mr Skeates had left a message saying that the police had said that it was actually safe to touch so Mr Lewis carefully bought it into the classroom.

Inside, it contained a large glove with a NASA logo, five test tubes containing what we think are samples of rock from different planets, star graphs and a small, child size footprint in clay.

The contents of the mystery box

The star graphs found in the mystery box.

Whilst we were looking, Mrs Spooner told us that a visitor had said that they had seen something fall from the sky last night. we wondered if the object that we found might be what they saw......

Recount by the children of Class 3C

The children considered how spacecraft actually get into space. We discussed thrust and the effects of gravity. The children then designed and created their own 'mini' spaceships from film canisters, paper and sellotape. For rocket fuel we used water and a fizzy tablet. Watch the video clip to see how our launch went.....



An Alien Adventure - by Thomas



World Book Day 2019.

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Thomas' piece of creative writing is an example of the work that the whole class have been doing, looking at stunning descriptives and interesting sentence openers. We have used lots of reference points to come up with a word bank of suitable words and phrases which has culminated in these 'best writes'.















We LOVE books in 3C!

Take a look at the characters that the children dressed up as on World Book Day......Can you tell who they all are?