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Mrs Cooper's Class - 3C


Our first day at LBJS was full of Egyptian themed fun! We began by cracking a code set by Detective Dash, which involved looking for symbols in the playground. We later learned that these were called hieroglyphics and were the Egyptian form of the letters we recognise. We soon discovered that the symbols spelled out the words 'Ancient Egypt' - this terms topic.

We had a quick break and then began creating our own papyrus (the ancient Egyptian form of paper) and learning to write our initials in hieroglyphics.

After lunch we created our own cartouches  from clay, using our hieroglyphic initials. Cartouches were used in Ancient Egypt by Pharoahs. they were a symbol of their royal powers.

What a day!We were tired but happy and looking forward to doing more exciting things tomorrow.

Examples of our writing........

Have you heard the 3C choir singing The Pyramid Song?

Click below to hear them. What a great sound!

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