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Mrs Cooper - 3C


What a bunch of colourful characters! Can you tell which books are our favourites in 3C?

3C's American Adventure.

What a stunning start! We arrived at school as normal but it wasn't a normal day at all! We were greeted, not by our teachers, but by a pilot and cabin crew. We were off on a journey!

We were given our passports in the departure lounge (our classroom). The check-in desk at LBJS Airways was open so we showed our passports and were given boarding cards. A quick security check, lead us to the gate and our aircraft.

Mr Ellison, our pilot, announced that we were flying to New York. We watched the plane take off through the cockpit windows and then saw the sky getting closer and the land disappearing below us. Midway through the flight, we had an on board snack and then it was soon time for us to begin our descent towards New York. As we approached the airport, we could see some of New York's famous landmarks.

We had a brief stopover in New York before taking off again and watching the landscape change as we headed for Las Vegas. the desert around us was very different from the city streets of New York.

After lunch we returned to Long Buckby for an afternoon of American themed activities.

We learned how to draw Mickey Mouse using guide lines, the way Walt Disney would have done.

We made dream catchers and learned about Pochahontas, an American princess.

We designed an American themed envelope and made a chocolate chip cookie to go inside.


What a fantastic day! When the end of day bell rang we couldn't wait to  tell our parents and carers all about our adventure and we're so excited to learn even more about the United States of America!


We have been working so hard that our teachers thought we deserved a treat. Our Marvelous Middle consisted of the Disney film 'Pochahontas' and hot dogs and cookies. A real American treat!



Our first day at LBJS was full of Egyptian themed fun! We began by cracking a code set by Detective Dash, which involved looking for symbols in the playground. We later learned that these were called hieroglyphics and were the Egyptian form of the letters we recognise. We soon discovered that the symbols spelled out the words 'Ancient Egypt' - this terms topic.

We had a quick break and then began creating our own papyrus (the ancient Egyptian form of paper) and learning to write our initials in hieroglyphics.

After lunch we created our own cartouches  from clay, using our hieroglyphic initials. Cartouches were used in Ancient Egypt by Pharoahs. they were a symbol of their royal powers.

What a day!We were tired but happy and looking forward to doing more exciting things tomorrow.

Examples of our writing........

Have you heard the 3C choir singing The Pyramid Song?

Click below to hear them. What a great sound!

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