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3F - Miss Fairbrother's Class

In year 3 the school year kicked off with bundles of Egyptian themed fun!  

We started our day by being given a very important challenge by our resident detective, Detective Dash. Dash asked us to crack a special code and if we could manage it our new topic would soon be revealed...

Full of excitement we headed outside to the playground and found what looked like strange shapes drawn on to clue cards, (we later discovered that these were called hieroglyphics!) Using our team building skills we managed to find all of the clues and realised each symbol spelt out the words; Ancient Egypt - our new topic!

The fun continued after break time when we found out that the Ancient Egyptians invented lots of things we still use today such as paper and pens (and even toothpaste!)

With our new found knowledge we decided to make some paper, or papyrus, Ancient Egyptian style! 

What a wonderful start of term for 3F. Not only are we excited about discovering more of our terrific topic, we are also excited about discovering our new school together, as a class.



Our Marvellous Middle!!!

The mid way point of our topic was celebrated by a very special visitor coming to LBJS. No other than, the fierce yet very regal, Queen Cleopatra graced our school for one day only. 


Cleopatra, yes we are on first name terms now, spoke to us about her reign in Ancient Egypt and what life was like for her. She told us stories about her family and her people, she helped us understand what life would have been like for her and she even let us join in with the mummification process (don't worry, we're pretty sure it was just a pretend person! Actually, wait...we haven't seen Mr Sharman for a while...) Some children were even asked to help the great Pharaoh remove some organs and place them into Canopic Jars, the children did this wonderfully (and eagerly!) 

Later that day we got the opportunity to play some Ancient Egyptian games. One of the games was called Senet, which was very popular in its day. However we're not sure we would swap it for our tablets, x-boxes or play stations...