Welcome to Long Buckby Junior School's website. We are all, staff and children, extremely proud of our school and we hope you enjoy your visit.

Stunning Start

What a stunning start! When the children arrived at school, it had been transformed into Long Buckby International Airport. They were greeted, not by teachers, but by a pilot and cabin crew!



The children were given their own passports, boarding passes and luggage tags. After going through passport control and security, they were invited to take a seat on board the aircraft. We made the journey to New York. As we approached New York, we spotted some famous landmarks.

Passport control

The children then took part in some American themed activities. They learned how to draw Mickey Mouse, found out about Pocahontas and made dream catchers. The children also designed an American themed envelope to hold a chocolate chip cookie.

We are all so excited to learn even more about the United States of America.