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Mrs Spiller and Mrs Harrison's Class


Class Sentence Stacking

Using this picture as inspiration, we wrote a diary entry as a soldier on the front line in World War One.

Dear Diary, 

Yesterday was my first experience of war. In our trench, I glimpsed a burst of raging orange fire spread over the expanse of no-man's land. I caught sight of bombs flashing in the gloomy sky. As we sat forlorn in the stagnant trench, we watched the smelly, vile, disease-ridden rats scurrying about as fast as the wind blew. It was horrendous.

The weather was bitterly cold on the front line. I wrapped my arms around me to keep warm. I felt scared and downhearted, even though I had only spent a day in the fowl trench. I began to regret ever coming here in the first place.

Overhead we heard the thunderous sound of explosions and the whirring of the propellers of the bi-planes.

Will I ever return to my cosy cottage in Long Buckby?