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 Welcome to 4C

2021 - 2022!




WOW! What an amazing start we have had to the year. We arrived back at school in September for a Stunning Start to our new topic - Italy!



We tasted lots of different foods from Italy - our favourite was pasta! Some of us were really brave and tried mozzerella and basil! We created a bar chart for the favourite foods in our class.


Next, in small teams, we did a quiz about Italy. We discovered the longest river in Italy is called the River Po. Did you know the national animal of Italy is a wolf?


Finally, we made bright, sparkly masquerade masks!





 In literacy this term, we have been reading Pinocchio. We wrote diary entries from the points of view of Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket. Considering the character's thoughts and feelings, we used varied sentence openers and remembered to use all the features of a diary such as past tense and informal 'chatty' language.




In art, we have created fantastic Venetian art pictures using oil pastels, showing reflections on the water.