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Welcome to Class 4P's News Page

Mrs Parton's Class

Autumn Term 2019:

We have come back to school this academic year eager to learn about our new topic: after settling in to our class and admiring our art work, we went on an archaeological dig. We found jewels and artefacts; tasted strange fruits (dates and pomegranates!) and used clues to find out what we are going to be studying. Hieroglyphs in the playground spelt out: ANCIENT EGYPT.

Come and see our amazing Egyptian artwork:





Summer Term 2019:

This term we came into school to find a mystery suitcase full of clues. It included a jar of pickles (gherkins), Paddington bear, a googly eye (one), a crown, a Lego tower, a sign and a picture of two children (both called Ben). Where would our next adventure take us?


LONDON here we come!


Spring Term 2019:

In the Spring term, Year 4 have been exploring space. We have gone "Out of this World" in literacy - writing our own space adventure stories. The children have also studied a different form of poetry - called Cinquains.


Here is our class Cinquain:



Mysterious, tranquil

Rocketing, zooming, floating

Seven planets not stepped on



Stars                                                             Sun

Bright, shiny                                                  Boiling, enormous

Shimmering, glistening, glinting                      Roasting, blazing, scorching

Very small lights                                            Life creator

Stellar                                                           Heat ball

by Sophia                                                                   by Dillon


The children also enjoyed preparing cupcakes, rocky road and moon rock cakes (rice crispie cakes) for their community tea. We welcomed lots of parents, grandparents and governors, who enjoyed a cup of tea and some sweet treats. It was a very busy afternoon - thank you to everyone who joined us.