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 Welcome to 4C

2021 - 2022!



Welcome to our Summer Term!

We launched this term with a spectacular, stunning start for our new topicSail Away! Our first port of call was a PowerPoint all about plastic pollution – such as bottles and bags - in the sea and how we can help with this. We looked at how we can

reduce – reuse – and recycle!


 Talking of plastic bottles… we joined with Year 3 out on the playground to create an octopus and a whale using the plastic bottles we had brought into school. Check out the photos below…

In the classroom we continued to get creative by producing a brilliant patterned zentangle turtle!  We then reused our plastic bottles again for the turtle’s shell. In addition, we created a beautiful sun catcher out of a coffee paper filter and felt tip pens. After wetting them, we had to wait for them to dry before adding our silhouette sea life shapes.


Spring Term 2022

Arriving back at school in January for our Stunning Start, we were excited to discover our new topic - Roman Invasion!


First, we made our own Roman coins using clay. We used our knowledge of the Romans to put designs on them using matchsticks. When they were finished, we painted them using metallic paint.

Then, we learnt all about Roman mosaics. We designed our own mosaic square or Roman pot using bright, shiny squares.

Finally, using some rainbow scratch boards, we created some amazing, colourful Roman pots. 

In Literacy, we have been writing newspaper reports about a lady who found some Roman coins in her garden! Here is an example of some work from one of our fabulous reporters!

Later in Literacy, our class produced some instruction texts on "How to Build a Roman Road" - we learned all about the tools Romans used to build their roads (a decempeda and a groma), and we used time adverbials to ensure our instructions were in chronological order. Did you know the longest Roman road in England is Watling Street (the A5)?

Also in Literacy, we have been writing our own brilliant Mythical Creature descriptions, after reading some of JK Rowling's "Fantastic Beasts". As part of our learning on myths, we also learned the story of Romulus and Remus and created a class Sentence Stack based on the twin brothers.


World Book Day 2022!

Look at our amazing costumes!

We had a fabulous time on World Book Day in 4C. Firstly, we did some colouring and word searches, and then the whole school joined in with the live World Book Day quiz on YouTube. In the afternoon, we produced some amazing blackout poetry, and made our very own bookmarks!

Autumn Term 2021 

WOW! What an amazing start we have had to the year. We arrived back at school in September for a Stunning Start to our new topic - Italy!



We tasted lots of different foods from Italy - our favourite was pasta! Some of us were really brave and tried mozzerella and basil! We created a bar chart for the favourite foods in our class.


Next, in small teams, we did a quiz about Italy. We discovered the longest river in Italy is called the River Po. Did you know the national animal of Italy is a wolf?


Finally, we made bright, sparkly masquerade masks!





 In literacy this term, we have been reading Pinocchio. We wrote diary entries from the points of view of Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket. Considering the character's thoughts and feelings, we used varied sentence openers and remembered to use all the features of a diary such as past tense and informal 'chatty' language.




In art, we have created fantastic Venetian art pictures using oil pastels, showing reflections on the water.