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Mrs Newbery's Class - 6N 


Geography Challenge!

Why is Denali known as the roof of the North America?

Can you find out where Denali is?

Describe it's location and explain why it is sometimes called the roof of North America.

What is the climate like here? What effect is global warming having on the surrounding environment?

Record your work in your Learning Journal or create a PowerPoint. 

Mrs Newbery

Monday 23rd March 2020

Good morning 6N...Where ever you are, I hope you are keeping yourselves safe and busy.  It's very quiet here without you and I'm missing you all already!

I hope that you are enjoying your 'Learning Packs' and the on-line resources on this website for SATs Revision (they are still an excellent resource for you to use).

Over the next few days, when things here have calmed down a little, I will put some lessons on here for you, so keep checking in - I will get around to it - meanwhile your packs should keep you going.

Look out for emails from Mr Cox with new web links - there's even a sentence stacking one from Jane Considine - I know how much you love to sentence stack.

Keep in touch, you can email or write and hopefully this will all be over soon.

Stay safe, healthy and happy!

Best wishes to you and your families.

Mrs Newbery and Mrs Warren



Spring 2020

Welcome back and Happy New Year! 
Let's see what exciting things we have in store this term...

Wow...another term and another super stunning start to our new topic...
Stars and Stripes

This term we will be learning all about the good old US of A

The day began with The Great American Quiz.  In our groups, we answered questions in various rounds, such as general knowledge, music, film, logos, people … Team Texas won, but only just!  The tiebreaker was this...
"From when the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 to today, how many presidents have there been?"

Tough question … But ask Year 6, now we know!


Who's for baking apple pie? Now that we know why people say "As American as apple pie..."

I think Angus was hoping for some crumbs...unlucky Angus!

Yum … Delicious apple pie enjoyed by all … certainly a tasty stunning start this term... and a huge thanks to Mrs Warren for all the preparation!





Autumn 2019

Welcome to another exciting new term in 6N...

What a start we had....Our very own Egyptian food tasting morning... Lots of exciting (and some not so) foods which were actually eaten by the Ancient Egyptians!

Not so sure about this...

Definitely not!

Getting stuck in...

At last...Something we like.... Must be the figs!

Marvellous Middle... November 2019

A visit from Cleopatra no less...


We had a fabulous day learning about the Ancient Egyptians from Cleopatra. From how to mummify a dead pharaoh...

to... building our own wooden pyramids

to playing Ancient Egyptian games

What a fantastic Marvellous Middle...









Summer Term 2019

Wednesday 24th April 

Welcome to our exciting new term...

No Clues to unwrap today... We went straight in with the London Postcode Treasure Hunt!


Our task was to use our research skills to discover which London landmarks were at the postcodes, using the word clues to help us!


Who lives here? SW1A 1AA


We were thrilled to see our new and exciting classroom displays...

What an amazing backdrop for our fabulous writing... WATCH THIS SPACE

WATCH OUT LONDON ... Here we come!!!



Spring Term 2019

Welcome back to another exciting
term in Class 6N...


How the term began...

Thursday 3rd January 

Literacy this term will be based on the story
Louis Sachar

We can't wait to get started on this...

There's a new bunch of sheriffs in town!

Quiz time.. thinking caps on...

Two heads are better than one...maybe...






Literacy this term will be based on the story
Secrets of a Sun King
Emma Carroll


More exciting news to follow...




























































Literacy this term will be based on the story Stoneheart
Charlie Fletcher


Landmark Quiz...

Using the power of our knowledge (and a little help from Google) we then raced to identify the famous London landmarks from the word clues:

Can you tell?
Which landmark is a memorial to the Great Fire of London?
Which London landmark has a thatched roof?

Just ask one of us if you're unsure!

We can't wait to fill this space with our new found knowledge of LONDON

Keep watching!!!

The newest member
of 6N...
What do you think his
name should be? 

Answers on a postcard!

























Literacy this term will be based on the story
The Lost Thing by
Shaun Tan

A Stunning Start

As we entered the dark and eerie classroom, blue and white twinkling lights glistened out from the corner of the room.  Sitting amongst the lights was a large, shiny silver box; filled with small packages wrapped in silver foil. A strange, yet calming tune filled our ears as sat and wondered what could all this possibly mean...

We opened the clues, one by one... until...

We got it ..our new topic is...

Space, Stars

and Aliens

Watch this 'space' for all the exciting things to come this term...

What could be in the silver box?

Astronaut food, strange bottle tops, wonky arrows, mechanic beings, bizarre landscapes, bright stars...

We discussed the clues and recorded our ideas...

Then our hidden displays were revealed...

We've been very busy Space Journalists.... Read all about it!