Welcome to Long Buckby Junior School's website. We are all, staff and children, extremely proud of our school and we hope you enjoy your visit.

Greetings from 6N! 

 Wow, what a start to the year! Our classroom and outside area has been transformed into a Magical Emporium. We waited excitedly to find out what Year 6 would bring.

 In Literacy, we have been reading the extraordinary book The Nowhere Emporium by Ross Mackenzie. We have taken on the role of Daniel Holmes and written letter to Mr. Silver, the owner of the Nowhere Emporium. We asked him questions about his Emporium and the breathtaking world of magic to which it leads.

Our next challenge was to write diary entries about the opening night of the Emporium. Here is an example of our amazing work...

Even our maths brains have been busy. We have recapped on our place value, addition and subtractions, as well as smashing short division, tricky factors to multiples and everything in-between.

 Bring on long division!  We are 6N - we can nail it!

             To finish off the term in maths, we became team problem solvers.                 Our challenge was to solve a mixture of problems involving factors,      multiples, multiplication and even long division.   

Our science topic this term has been Light. From shadows to periscopes, we have been busy conducting some exciting experiments.

More electrifying news to come!

In art we have been busy transforming old reading books into some incredible pieces of artwork in the form of 'Book Art.' Over the past couple of weeks we have been looking at 'Blackout Poetry'.

Next stop Stimulus Art...

Blackout Poetry is a form of "found poetry" that traces back to the 18th century. You select words that catch your interest from a book, newspaper or other printed text, along with a few additional words to make it flow. Your chosen words will form a new message, giving the text a whole new meaning.

Hello and welcome to Term 2

We have come back to school refreshed and eager to learn.

6N have just completed their very own version of The Nowhere Emporium. Ours is called The Nowhere Classroom.  It follows the adventures of Jesse and Ms Silver on their exciting journeys through space and time.  The children's imagination and choice of descriptive vocabulary is truly amazing.  Read for yourselves!

As Jesse continued to stare into his new classroom, he swept a lock of thick, auburn hair across his his piercing blue eyes.  With his long scarf draped behind him, Jesse passed a precariously stacked pile of books... (Rory)


It was just like the pictures in her history books, however she could now feel the coldness of the walls and smell the log-burnt salmon - she felt agitated, yet excited all at the same time... (Sam)


Before she knew what was happening, Jesse was transported through the abyss into an old Mayan temple... (George)


Slumped at her desk, Jesse's eyes were drawn to quite an extraordinary, distinctive painting, hung by a frayed piece of rope at the back of the room... (Annabel)


...but where was everything? The room was just a shell; gone were the desks, gone were the books, gone was Ms Silver.  Something glistened in the far corner, catching Jesse's eye.  A silver shoe, Ms Silver's shoe.  All of this had to be real.  It just had to be...or did it?  (Chloe)


Our topic for Science is electricity. We have learnt all about how to draw circuits and that the symbols used are universal. We've also been busy making circuits with bulbs, switches and noisy buzzers! 

Our challenge was to carry out an electrifying experiment of building circuits to see if they would work or not. Once we had completed the practical we presented our findings in the form of a poster.
Here is an snippet of our outstanding work.