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Hello! Welcome to the 6H Tribe, 2020-21...


It has been a slightly different, nevertheless exciting start to Year 6. We have sprung into action, focusing on our Maths, Literacy and Science. As you can see, we are a 27 strong team of curious and tenacious learners. 


In Maths, we have successfully ploughed our way through Place Value, combatted addition and subtraction, merrily made our way through multiplication and now, it is time for DIVISION!

Literacy has taken us on a very exciting journey... A breathtaking world of 'Wonders', The Nowhere Emporium,  has enchanted us from the start; we are hungry for more. Along our way, we have been introduced to a mysterious character, a shopkeeper, Mr Lucien Silver. We have been writing letters to him to question some perplexing events that have happened since he came into our lives. He has invited us to time travel the world with him... do you think we should go?


In Science, we have been conducting different types of scientific enquiry in order to investigate shadows and reflective materials. We have also looked at the different functions of the eye and how the light helps us to see. Playing Eye Spy has never been so educational!

2019-20 Welcome to 6EH

Geography Challenge!

Why is Denali known as the roof of the North America?

Can you find out where Denali is?
Describe it's location and explain why it is sometimes called the roof of North America.
What is the climate like here? What effect is global warming having on the surrounding environment?

Record your work in your Learning Journal or create a PowerPoint. 

This task has also been set on Google Classroom so you can submit it on there for me to take a look!

Mrs Eltherington

Monday 23rd March 2020

Hi everyone,

It was very quiet at school this morning without you all here! There were no 'Howdys' coming from 6N and no one reminded me to write the date on the board!  I hope you are all OK and keeping busy and safe at home. 

Miss Mutton and I are going to miss you all while you are learning at home. I hope that you are enjoying your 'Learning Packs' and the on-line resources on this website for SATs Revision (they are still an excellent resource for you to use).

Over the next few days I will start to put up some more activities for you to do so keep checking the website and emails for updates.

Meanwhile keep in touch via email with all your home learning tips, ideas or suggestions.

Before I say goodbye, please thank your parents from us for all the kind words and support the school received during the last couple of weeks. It has meant a lot to us all.

We wish you all the very best, stay safe and well everyone.

Mrs Eltherington 

Have you made your own mind map and timetable yet?

Is there a new hobby you'd like to start or a book you are going to read?

Take a picture and email it to us when finished.

We would love to see them!

Welcome to the Spring Term

Howdy partners. Year 6's new topic is Stars and Stripes!

What a great start we had to the spring term. The children began the day by taking part in an American themed quiz. The worthy winners, Billy the kidz, soared to first place with 39/46 points.

Later that morning, the quiz champions triumphed again; making some very scrumptious apple pies for the class to devour.

Our class read is holes by Louis Sachar.

Welcome to the Autumn Term and a warm 'Hello!' from Team 6EH. 

We had a fantastic start to the year with the children very eager to learn that their new topic is... Enchanting Egyptians.



To begin the day we challenged the children to a blind tasting session, which consisted of Egyptian foods.

I think their faces say it all. Yummy.... garlic. 

A group effort, well done boys!

The melon went down well.

Enjoying a big mouthful of tasty leeks!

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The more familiar foods like grapes, raisins, and pomegranate went down a treat, with the children asking for more. 

They were unsure of the figs and dates but after sampling them they realised they were in fact very tasty. 

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Mixed reviews on the kidney bean, much better in a chilli con carne.

What a great effort from 6EH on trying different foods. Well done!

Literacy this term will be based on the story 'Secrets of a Sun King' by Emma Carroll.

What an amazing time 6EH had learning from 'Cleopatra' about her time ruling Egypt.



Continuing in the classrooms, the children worked on Egyptian art, drawing canopic jars, tombs and sculptures.

Playing Egyptian games,(mancala, spinning tops and leap frog) was the next activity.

Ending the day with paper weaving and pyramid building. The children were even able to bury a pharaoh at the bottom of their pyramid. 


After listening beautifully to Cleopatra and doing some impressive dancing, the class moved on to carry out some Egyptian themed activities.