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Hello! Welcome to the 6H Tribe, 2020-21...

Autumn Term 1


It has been a slightly different, nevertheless exciting start to Year 6. We have sprung into action, focusing on our Maths, Literacy and Science. As you can see, we are a 27 strong team of curious and tenacious learners. 


In Maths, we have successfully ploughed our way through Place Value, combatted addition and subtraction, merrily made our way through multiplication and now, it is time for DIVISION!

Literacy has taken us on a very exciting journey... A breathtaking world of 'Wonders', The Nowhere Emporium,  has enchanted us from the start; we are hungry for more. Along our way, we have been introduced to a mysterious character, a shopkeeper, Mr Lucien Silver. We have been writing letters to him to question some perplexing events that have happened since he came into our lives. He has invited us to time travel the world with him... do you think we should go?


In Science, we have been conducting different types of scientific enquiry in order to investigate shadows and reflective materials. We have also looked at the different functions of the eye and how the light helps us to see. Playing Eye Spy has never been so educational!

Autumn Term 2

Our journey through The Nowhere Emporium continues. We have been captivated by Ross Mackenzie's work from the very beginning. For our Best Write, we have 'deepened the moment' and used descriptive writerly techniques to set the scene of the inside of the magical Emporium... 


The Emporium was a vast cave of sheer wonder. The maroon, sweeping curtains covered a great mountain of tattered books... (Scarlett)

A plethora of ancient bookcases towered over the mist sealed floor, whilst the star like lamps illuminated the darkest corners of the room... (Gethin)

A gust of tepid air moved across the room, sending the ruby red curtains into a gentle, steady swaying motion. Melting candle wax created a pungent aroma that clotted the air... (Lottie)

In Science, we have been investigating Electricity. We have used a range of components to build different circuits. Alongside this, we have introduced different materials into electrical circuits, in order to test whether they are a conductor or an insulator. As you can see, team work is key!

Friday 4th December 2020 - otherwise known as...


When the children arrived, mischievous elves had taken the place of their beloved teachers...6H were very excited, particularly as you could hear Elf Healy from a mile off, thanks to the bells on her shoes! Aside from the fact that Elf Day was a festive frenzy of fun, the true reason behind the staff unleashing their 'inner elf,' was in fact to raise money for The Alzheimer's Society. If you would like to support the LBJS elves, you can donate at https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/elfday/what-is-elf-day, or we are happy to send donations on your behalf (collection Monday 7th December). 

Christmas Craft Afternoon -The day that 6H made the best looking Popsicle Stick Elves that the world has ever seen!

Spring Term 3

 Happy New Year and a very warm welcome back from all of us, at home and at school!

As you may well imagine, the start of this term was not quite what we expected, HOWEVER, we have each other, whether that be in person or virtually. Both the home team and school team for 6H are making an astounding effort to adjust to our slightly new way of learning!

In Literacy, we began the term by looking at the work of Michael Morpurgo in his fictional masterpiece, The Rainbow Bear. 

We examined some of the exquisite language used by Mr Morpurgo and adopted his writerly techniques, such as alliteration and repetition to craft our own story based on a Rainbow Snow Leopard. As a class (live contributions from both home and school!), we Sentence Stacked an extract of the story. Prepare to be dazzled...

Hello Summer Term!

A new term and a NEW TOPIC! We really did have a stunning start in 6H; check out this video...


I'm a Year 6 Get Me Out of Here 

Throughout the day, in true I'm a Celebrity style, we had to complete various trials and challenges. The celebrities in the jungle thought they had it bad when they had to eat a witchetty grub... they had clearly never been subjected to a chocolate covered brussels sprout before! Needless to say, the reviews for restaurant 6H weren't exactly glowing...

Luckily, there was culinary hope on the horizon, thanks to Kiosk Kathy and her Dingo Dollar Challenges. The children managed to solve every challenge, returning back to camp with marshmallows and sweets!

Further trials lay ahead, in the form of Eye Pong, Watery Waste and Brutal Boxes...

It's official: our new topic is...