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As you can see, it has been a very busy start to the new term! We are are all aboard the new topic, steering the 6H ship through our new Geography topic, 'Sail Away.' Our first day back saw us cruising through a 'Big Deep Sea Quiz' quiz. Here is a taster...

How much of the earth is covered by ocean?

Next, it was time for a seafood banquet! The children were given the oppor-TUNA-ty to taste a variety of different seafoods, which consisted of cockles, crab, tuna fish, salmon and many other culinary delights... The children described and rated the ocean dishes before them. The calamari received some excellent reviews, however, it is more than safe to say that some of the squad are very unlikely to return to this particular restaurant again...

Finally, we created our very own sea of jellyfish, using coffee filters, pens, water and tissue paper! Amazing!

On trend, our new class text is...



Spring Term

New Year, New Term, NEW TOPIC! Our Spring topic is a history one - Invaders and Settlers!

6H arrived in school to the sound of booming Viking tunes. There is nothing like a bit of invasion music to get the day started, in our humble opinion...


We began our day by taking on some tricky Viking challenges. Can you crack this code and decipher the hidden message?

The real 'battle' then commenced. Invasion games - Vikings vs Anglo Saxons! The Vikings were the invaders, so they stood and waited in their ‘boats’ poised to attack. All of The Anglo Saxons stood at one end of the playground, defending their ‘castle’. Once The Vikings left their boat, they started to run across the playground trying to avoid being tagged by an Anglo Saxon. If the runner made it to the castle without getting tagged, he or she was considered safe, but if the runner was tagged, then he or she had to return to their boat.


Three, two, one...CHARGE!

(Just look at the camaraderie amongst those three Vikings!)


In the afternoon, we took a break from battle and used our artistic skills to paint pieces of a mystery mosaic. The full mosaic will be displayed in the project area... (once we can piece it back together!)

 Our new class text is an absolute corker! In true Viking Land style, we are embarking on Michael Morpurgo's classic, Beowulf! Grendel, Sea-Hag and the Death Dragon of the Deep - we are coming for you (well, Beowulf is...we are really quite content to sit in the classroom and live vicariously through the Viking Prince's bravery!)


Our new genre in Literacy is MYTHICAL STORIES! We have designed our own mythical creatures, including illustrations and written descriptions, to paint a vivid picture in the reader's mind. Check out the slideshow below!

Emerging from the murky depths, Soul Stealer awakes. He has three terrifying heads; his ears are old and mangled. Lightning fast, he stalks the night. Razor sharp claws scrape the ground and he let out an eerie howl...

-Martha Culley

Horbet was a ruthless hybrid; a lion, cross horse, cross bat and scorpion...It had aqua eyes that pierced through your soul. The lethal teeth of the Horbet were surprisingly small for such a big mouth. He was utterly rebellious and lived in a mountain in the Himalayas...

- Mason Newton.

Power was a breathtaking, yet powerful nightmare. He has wings that slice through the air, as he blends in with the ever expanding night sky. It has impossible, gazing eyes that turn you into stone and a valiant beak to electrocute anyone who it decides to catch and gnarl on. Ear piercing shrieks warn people that he is near...

- Jemima Spiller

Ciao! Welcome to the 6H Tribe, 2021-22...

Autumn Term 


It's official, WE. ARE. BACK! 


This term we have our roots set in a Geography Topic. Our stunning start involved food, glorious food and a train journey through a number of stunning countries. Can you guess the different countries from our culinary clues? Edam cheese, waffles, croissant and some Lindt chocolate... Our final destination gifted us some freshly cooked Pasta Neapolitan. Have you cracked it? We have arrived in Italy!


Our new topic is Buckby to Bolzano and Beyond!


Check out our enchanting class text this term. The curious story set in the beautiful city of Venice. 

Through the power of Sentence Stacking, we have got the creative juices flowing and transported ourselves to Venice. Here is a brilliant example our descriptive writing - an excellent demonstration of the kind of magic we can create when we work as a team...

Expertly, we have stepped into the shoes of the main character. Turning our skills to diary writing, we have documented a day in the life of Aribella, the lace maker's daughter...