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Miss Smith and Miss Cooper's Class

We're the kids in America ...

After Christmas year 5 arrived back at school to find their classroom decorated with stars and stripes.


After a series of puzzles and quizzes we discovered that our new topic was 'States of Stars and Stripes' we are looking forward to finding out lots of information about the USA.

We put together a puzzle of all 50 of the American states, it was interesting to learn about so many new places that we hadn't heard of before.

Our Stunning Start!

We had a fantastic start to the year in 5SC - a day full of fun and discovery! 

Detective Dan started us on our journey. Our first challenge - to decode a secret message! Full of curiosity, we raced to see which team could decipher the message first. Using our great team working skills we managed to crack the code. This revealed our new topic...  THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS! 

Many of us were fascinated by the pictures on the secret code, so we researched what they were. We learn't that these were called hieroglyphics (an Ancient Egyptian form of letters). 


Very excited with the discovery of our new topic, we couldn't wait to get onto the playground to tell all of our friends.

After a short break, we returned to our classroom and found this! We decided to dig for clues and we were all excited about what we discovered! Unsure about what many of these clues meant, we are all eager to find out more.

Later in the day we found out some interesting facts about the Ancient Egyptians. One of our favourite facts was finding out that the Ancient Egyptians invented many things that we are familiar with today - like paper... and toothpaste!!


To round off our day of discovery, we decided to put our creative hats on. We each designed our own Ancient Egyptian themed headdress to be displayed outside of our classroom.

An amazing start to Year 5 for 5SC. We are all thrilled about our new topic and cannot wait to find out more as the term continues.