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Mrs Eltherington's and Miss Smith's Class

Stunning Start

The children were really excited to return to school to learn all about their new topic - Space!

To begin with, they took part in space academy training to help them become amazing astronauts. 

Now ready to explore space, the children designed their own NASA logos and created a rocket that would safely transport their egg to an alien planet.


In 5ES we have written adventure stories with flashbacks set in WWI. Here are some extracts from them…


As always, the restless station was overflowing with worried faces of loved ones saying goodbye to each other. George could feel depression surrounding him, so he covered his face with his hat. Desperately darting across the platform hoping to obtain his favourite spot for selling newspapers, he noticed a stranger strolling towards him. George had no idea that this aloof man held all the answers he had desperately been looking for…


Even though it was early, the vast station was full of life. Bertie had just finished his shoe shine job and was pushing a rich sir and madam’s – who were going to Newcastle – luggage. The couple boarded a train and Bertie put the luggage on the roof of the carriage. He noticed a man approaching him. On the man’s chest was a symbol of a dolphin with sea around it. The stranger ordered him to carry his luggage. Bertie did as he was told and he followed the stranger.

William S


Jumping on the train, Josh was filled with anger. It was really infuriating. Smelling the unforgivable stench, he immediately felt a cold palm clutching his shoulder. Cautiously turning around, he noticed it was the stranger…



Albert couldn’t help it – he had to follow the aloof man! Hiding beneath the leather chair, Albert looked at the man over his shoulder. He smelt tobacco and remembered at the town market – which was huge – he had seen the man talking to his father…



Richard ran out of the train, scanned the station and burst into tears. He couldn’t find the man. What was he going to do now? All of a sudden the man slapped Richard on his shoulder and whispered, “Richard come with me!”



Inside the overflowing, chaotic station of King’s Cross, Dennis was selling papers by the restaurant on platform 4 as always. After selling a few papers, an aloof figure with a big brown hat on approached him. “Paper Sir?” asked Dennis politely.

“Yes please,” answered the mysterious man. Dennis then caught a glimpse of a black cross like the symbol on the man’s jacket. The stranger snatched the paper and walked off so quickly that Dennis didn’t know where he went. He suddenly saw the stranger get into a carriage down the far end of the platform. Dennis was quick to follow…



Sprinting towards the train, the aloof character got on and took a seat. George had a sudden desire to follow him onto the train…and so he did. George stepped onto the train…he crawled underneath the mysterious man’s seat. What was he doing? He knew he would get into trouble. Hiding beneath the strange man’s chair, George peeked up and noticed a familiar eye patch…



As the enormous clock struck 8am, the huge station was cramped with lots of miserable, cold people. As always the active station was overflowing with lots of worried faces of loved ones saying goodbye to each other. As the boy battled across the platform hoping to claim his favourite spot for shoe shining, he noticed a handsome stranger…



The train came to an abrupt stop when the man got up. Roger followed. He followed him to a shack – that was old and ruined - which had a room that said, ‘Meeting’ on the door. The man walked into the room, but Roger did not follow. He had his eyes on something else...



Simultaneously hiding behind the stranger’s seat, Johnny gulped nervously. There was something familiar. As the strange man pulled up his sleeve to read some papers he revealed something else that was familiar.  It was him! Johnny knew who he was. It was the man that knocked on his front door about 2 years ago…He remembered the tattoo of the white feather as well as the gruesome scar on his chin.