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Welcome to 5E

We love to read!

 "The racoons in my book are mischievous and funny!"

 "It's a really good book because Stanley thought his friend was dead but it turned out he was alive so it's really exciting!" 

 "I like a book with lots of action"

 "Batman jumps into action in this book"

  "It's so exciting and adventurous"

"The fox is on a mission is this book"

"Lupo is trying to clear his name - it's a bit tense!"

"This book is full of drama and betrayal"

"It's about trying to reach your goal and not giving up"

"This book makes me laugh"

"They are trying to overcome the power of the Viper Ship"

~Class 5E~


~The Strange Worlds

Travel Agency~

After exploring new worlds in the suitcases

of the Strange World Travel Agency, class

5E have invented their own adventures and

written diary entries about them. 


5E Science


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Out of this world!

In science we have been finding out all about space. The children used various sized balls to explain why we have day and night.

What do we want to know about space?


Armistice Day 2020

5E have worked together to produce a wreath to remember and thank all those who have given their lives to help. 


Times Table Champion

Well done to Jemima for completing the Championship Level this week. One hundred mixed questions in three minutes - a fantastic achievement!




We have been busy making our own Islamic Calendar with Miss Lunn.