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Welcome to 5E

5E have been writing their own stories to match a setting.

Read some of their story openers below!

As you approach this humble cottage, beneath your feet you will feel a thin coat of mossy grass. When smoke starts to fill the air, an aroma of dust stocks your nostrils. As you enter the nut cottage the oak door creaks loudly when the wind pushes against it.


This cottage is inhabited by a, soon to be, hero called Pine Cone Head. His appearance is given away by his name. 


The lights never seems to correspond with her, instead they were flickering as if they were alive.



Beyond the trees, there's a damp smell that looms in the air. The green lights shimmer like glow worms in a jar. In the middle of the forest sits a nut house and the old wooden door creaks loudly in the wind. 


As Nutty stepped beyond the threshold of the door, the fire dimmed right before her eyes. 


There was Nutty, the individual blue squirrel, counting his acorns in his acorn house.


Far below the dense canopy, an ancient acorn house lay untouched for many years.

Harry J

Below the towering trees of the rainforest, Snobbers smelt a sweet aroma coming from the emerald-green leaves.


Beyond the gossiping trees, in a place where magical fairies dare to venture, a fluffy auburn-red squirrel (Lily) sits in an ancient, humble cottage.


Depressed, Hazel walked home and noticed that her ancient oak front door was open.


5E are very excited to be taking part in a project developed by

The National Theatre called Story Seekers.

The are working hard training to become a story seeker so that they can seek our stories, tell them in their own words and preform and share them for others.

This unit of work involves a lot of drama, collaborative working

and of course the telling of stories!

See below for some picture of the children hard at work creating a poster to explain -

What is a Story?

Descriptive Writing in 5E

Beyond the cobalt crashing waves, turtles swim alongside each other - like an army of troops.


Down in the azure-blue ocean, the turtles dance to the rhythm of the sea.


Below the aqua-blue waves, absurd whales (that are a nuisance) swarm the sea.


Although most of the furniture came out of a crashed vehicle, the octopus was proud of his home.


Beneath the seaweed, in an ancient cave, lives an octopus family.


Past the violent blue waves, fish and turtles somersault happily through the clear warm water.


Nonchalant starfish swayed in the clear shallow waters, as they slowly started to turn back into innocent islands.


Beyond the crashing waves, the cacophony of voices (from the miniature green men) permeated through the ocean.


Sail Away!

Our new topic 'Sail Away' has really captured the children's imaginations! Upon arrival at school last Tuesday, we discovered that a variety of 'beach treasure' had washed up on the sand and been left in our classroom. Working together, we uncovered the identities of each owner of the treasure. The next task was to write a character profile for one of the owners and explain how their belongings had washed up, abandoned, on the beach. The children have produced some imaginative written work that is now proudly on display in class.

Heather Brown

In art this term we are studying the artist Heather Brown.

The children's work in sketchbooks is displayed below. 

Year 5 enjoyed a fantastic school trip to The Viking Exhibition at Northampton Museum and Art Gallery. Take a look at some of the photos from our day trip. 

After enjoying The Mask of Aribella, 5E produced their own play scripts based on the book.

Here are some pictures of their brilliant performances!

~The Mask of Arribella~

5E have been gripped by the adventures of Arribella and her secret powers. As a class, we have enjoyed stepping into this fascinating world and writing our own diary entries, describing how Arribella and her new friends have sworn to defend Venice! But can they defeat the evil rising from the Island of the Dead? We can't wait to find out...




Book Prize Winner!

Tommy was delighted to be the winner of our first class raffle! The children have been working hard, earning raffle tickets, to be in with a chance to win this superb book entitled; 'The Book of Frozen Dreams' by David Farr. Tickets are given out for exceptional work, super effort or valuable contributions to class discussions.


Autumn Term- An Italian Adventure...

Arriving at school after the summer holidays, the children were eager to find out what the new topic would be. There was a buzz of excitement, when they were handed a train ticket to take them on an exciting journey! They boarded the train at  Long Buckby Station and travelled on an amazing trip through France and Switzerland to reach the final destination...Italy!

They were given the opportunity to taste traditional food, along the way, from the countries they travelled through. Sweet delights included crepes from France, chocolate from Switzerland and then the best bit- making their own fresh pizzas!

Stretching the dough and waiting to choose some delicious toppings..

They tasted amazing!

Special delivery for Mrs Newberry.

Look at these amazing Gondolas the children have made and designed!

So many creative skills to show off when making their very own masks. The children drew inspiration from Arribella's Mask, which features in our class reading book.

5E Science

In science, Year 5 have been learning all about forces. They have been using the vocabulary; buoyancy, gravity and air resistance. The children have researched about the English Scientist and Mathematician, Sir Isaac Newton, and learnt about his discoveries over his wonderful eight-four years of life!



Testing how the effect of changing variables can change how fast or slow a parachute will travel.


Winter Term- Invaders and Traders!

5E were delighted to find out their new topic and were excited to join in with making Viking boats, shields and swords. In addition, they all contributed

 to an amazing piece of art work, of a Viking, which is on display outside the classroom. Take a look at the photos...