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and we love books!

Here's what we think of the books we are reading at the moment:

"I like that my book has cool Space facts. I learned a very cool fact in there. It's really interesting."

Amazing Space

"I like my book because they disguise themselves as people but actually they are Hyenas!"

The Bolds

" I like my book because it has great descriptions."

The Wreck of the Zanzibar"

"I like my book because it has loads of mysteries and fun twists to the action. It also has loads of adventures"

Ink Spell

"My book's great because there are no ordinary children. They're all unique."

The Worlds Worst Children

"I just like it! It's funny and very slimey!"


"This book is epic because its funny, cool and because I love Star Wars so much."

Jedi Academy

Our class read this term is...

The Strangeworlds Travel Agency

by L.D. Lapinski

When 12 year old Flick Hudson is invited to join the secret Strangeworlds Society, she's thrilled - but quickly realises that something isn't right in the magical multiverse. Blizzards are hitting in the middle of summer, entire city streets are disappearing, and one suitcase leads her to a world that has been completely abandoned.

Soon, Flick is breaking all sorts of society rules and pushing the very limits of magic to try amd figure out whats going on. But will she be able to fix things before all the worlds - including her own - vanish completely? 


Our art work this term is inspired by Wassily Kandinsky and The Strangeworlds Travel Agency


Spring Term Stunning Start - 

I'm a Year 5, Get Me Out of Here!

The children came back to school after Easter, knowing only that they needed to dress in greens and browns. What, on earth, was going on? 

After a fairly mundane registration, the classroom screen crackled into life with an introductory video and it soon became clear that we were being transported to the jungle. As if that wasn't enough, Ant and Dec soon appeared(aka Mr Curtis and Mrs Eltherington). They told everyone that we were going to take part in all the jungle themed challenges that we had seen on the TV!


The first challenge of the day was a 'Bush Tucker Trial', which involved eating a variety of jungle delicacies, including 'parrot poo', 'monkey bogeys' and 'fish eyes'. It took great courage to take part and those who stayed the course were well rewarded with jungle gold.


Next, was another challenge - boxes containing all manner of slimy contents! Hidden amongst the slime were precious gold starts that needed to be collected for rewards. The intrepid children dug deep into their reserves of bravery and plunged their hands into the unknown. Everyone survived the ordeal almost unscathed (if a little sticky) and earned vital gold stars for their class. 



There was a quick break for food and then the challenges moved outdoors. The children took part in their own Cyclone on the field, using team work and physical and mental agility to achieve their goal.

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Throughout the day the children had been using their creative and sewing skills to make jungle garlands and leaf crowns. By the end of the day every one really deserved to be crowned king or queen of the jungle. The children were exhausted but euphoric about being involved in a version of one of their favourite TV shows. Bring on our topic lessons...we want to know more!