Have a great summer! We open again on Tuesday 5th September.

Music Lessons

All children have class music lessons during school time. 

Individual instrumental tuition, is also provided by peripatetic teachers from the Northampton Music and Performing Arts Trust. Lessons take place during the school day.  These lessons are classed as 'extra-curricular' and must be self financing, and therefore incur a charge. 

At present lessons cost £6.10 per week (invoiced termly in blocks of 11 lessons for £67.10). Once a child starts music lessons we expect them to continue for at least one term.

Should your child wish to give up their music lessons, we ask you for 5 weeks written notice.  You will be expected to pay for those 5 weeks.  In practice, if the child's place can be filled by a child on the waiting list, you will not be asked to pay for the extra weeks.

At present we offer individual lessons for:

  • strings (violin/cello)
  • guitar
  • keyboard/piano

Also available would be woodwind (Clarinet/flute), brass (trumpet/cornet/various horns) and voice, but we would need a group of at least six children before Northampton Music and Performing Arts would deem it viable to come out to Long Buckby.

In the Summer Term 2015 we were able to offer "First Access Ukulele" to the whole of Year 4.  We have also done this in previous years.  It is hope that we will again be able to offer the series of 10 lessons, free, to next year's Year 4.

The lessons are given by the teachers from Northampton Music and Performing Art Trust.  The children greatly enjoy these lessons and usually give a very entertaining performance at the end of the first course.

If time permits, and enough interest is expressed, a second course of lessons may be arranged.  Unfortunately, like the music lessons, this second course must be self financing and will therefore incur a cost to parents.