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Sport Premium

The school has spent the Sport Premium in a number of ways. Firstly, the school has arranged for a private sports' coaching company, Freestyle Soccer, to teach each class one PE lesson a week.  The same company also arrange the lunchtime clubs in school.  This is in addition to the lesson already taught by the class teacher.  The children look forward to these lessons and it develops core sports' skills.

Secondly, we used the funds to send both Year 6 and Year 5 swimming during the last academic year unlike previous years when only Year 6 went.  This allowed us to move swimming into the Year 5 curriculum so that we can target those children who have not learnt to swim 25m again in Year 6.

The funds are also being used to fund training for staff on delivering high quality PE, for example a member of staff is attending training on the teaching of swimming.

Additionally the the school has used the funds this year to arrange training for the staff so that they can continue to deliver a high level of PE with an emphasis on developing core skills in every child.  This has led to introduction of the Real PE scheme across the school.  This training will be completed in the Spring of 2015.

Details of the planned expenditure for this year's Sport Premium can be found by clicking on this link.

Sport Premium 2015/16