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Terms 1 & 2:   September - December 2017

This term's topic is "Frozen Worlds". 

The lower school are basing their topic work on a book written  by Harry Horse, The Last Polar Bears.

"Grandfather is off on an expedition to the North Pole to find the last Polar Bears, and with him goes Roo - a dog of character and strong views.  The intrepid explorers set sail on the good ship Unsinkable and embark on the adventure of a lifetime.  Eccentric, moving and very funny, the experience is told through a series of extraordinary letters.

Terms 3 & 4:  January - March 2018

Topic 2:  The Victorians

Queen Victoria was born on 24th May 1819.  She was crowned Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain  and Ireland on 20th June 1937.  She reigned until her death on 22 January 1901.

Her long reign saw many changes.  Life for the ordinary person was harsh.  With no electricity, candles were the main source of light after dark. Then William Murdoch invented the first gas lamp and homes, streets and factories began to be lit by gas.

The Victorian Era saw many brilliant inventions - from the first pedal cycles to steam engines and railways.  Manufacturing began to take place in purpose built factories, and towns began to grow, connected by a giant network of railways.


Terms 5 & 6:  April - July 2018

Topic 3: Storms and Shipwrecks

The upper school are very excited to be reading 'Kensuke's Kingdom as part of their Storms and Shipwrecks topic for the new summer term.

I disappeared on the night before my twelfth birthday.  July28 1988.  Only now can I at last tell the whole extraordinary story, the true story.  Kensuke made me promise that I would say nothing, nothing at all, until at least ten years had passed.  It was almost the last thing he said to me.  I promised, and because of that I have had to live out a lie.  I could set sleeping lies sleep on, but more than ten years have passed now.  I have done school, done college and had time to think.  I owe it to my family and friends, all of whom I have deceived for so long, to tell the truth about my long disappearance, about how I lived to come back from the dead.

But there is another reason for speaking now, a far, far better reason.  Kensuke was a great man, a good man and he was my friend.  I want the world to know him as I knew him.