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Book Reviews from Year 6



By: Robin Stevens

Reviewed by E. Hulme {Age 11}

Are you looking for a tense, marvellous, unimaginably thrilling and especially gripping novel that grabs reality by the horns? Do you want a book that takes you through a rollercoaster of scenarios? Then Arsenic for Tea, one of the capturing murder most unladylike, is the book for you.

Arsenic For Tea introduces you to the world of schoolgirl detectives, Daisy Wells {the leader and tenacious one} and Hazel Wong {the cautious and tentative one.}They sniff out that Daisy's high quality mother has fell head over heels for her new “friend” Mr Curtis .{While hiding it behind her husband's back.} Daisy and Hazel both can tell something fishy is going on. Is Mr Curtis innocent or is something going deeper into a dark hole of mischief and betrayal?

Daisy and Hazel are at Daisy’s home Fallingford, for the holidays. Daisy's glamorous mother is throwing a tea party for Daisy's 14th birthday, and the whole family is invited, from eccentric Aunt Saskia to dashing Uncle Felix. Then one of their party guests is MURDERED and everything points to POISON. With wild storms preventing anyone from leaving the house or police from arriving, Fallingford suddenly feels very dangerous. Not a single person present is what they seem and EVERYONE HAS A SECRET OR TWO. . . . 

I think Arsenic for Tea is the most amazing environment to dive into before bed or whenever you're in the mood for a fascinating adventure. It always kept me reading for hours prospering for who to expect the villain, longing for the answer and this is only one of the inspiring saga. These books will keep you guessing for hours on end and a myriad of plot twists await you!



By Kate Maryon

Do you like interesting drama books? Well then, you’re in luck… Shine is an amazing, exciting, thrilling book! It starts with a girl whose mother gets her many extraordinary gifts all the time for absolutely no reason at all.

Tiff’s mum loves her dearly, but it is found there are many things that she isn’t aware of… It’s honestly such an enjoyable book. When I was reading it, I refused to even put it down!  But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, Tiff’s life is all turned upside down in one single week and it's all her mother’s fault! While her mum is locked up in prison, her auntie, who she's never met before,  brings Tiff back to live with her on a tiny, little island called Sark. Sark is where her mother grew up but she never seemed to like talking about it or why she left… It’s hard for Tiff to adjust to living on this island as she’s spent her whole life in London, but eventually she makes many friends and begins to like it there and now she doesn’t want to leave. How can she convince her mum to come back? Well… You’ll have to read it to find out, does Tiff have to leave her new found home? Will her mum ever tell her what has happened on Sark and why she doesn’t talk about living there as a child?

Review by Lani Tija Fleming- aged 11


The Day the Screens Went Blank

By Danny Wallace

Reviewed by Sophia Stevens 6H

Are you as stuck to your screens as this family that you can’t cope when they finally give in? I hope not because this family has absolutely no idea what to do when their screens go on holiday!

Danny Wallace took his writing to another level with this phenomenal book. In this review, I will lead you through the winding tunnels encased in this story’s pages and the problems that unfold as you read on.

The family adventures that happen in this book may be things we as families never go through, as they are incredibly OUTRAGEOUS! On the day our story begins, Teddy and Stella wake up to the sound of nothing and they realise NONE of the screens were on as they usually were, as the night before the screens had totally stopped in the middle of their family movies [movies as in more than one, they sat in the same room watching different movies on different devices!] They didn't know how to react so they just sat there, that's what any normal tech savvy would do, right?

Their adventure begins when Dad and Stella decide they must go and see if Grandma is ok, but her house is 8 hours away. Can you guess how dirty, angry and cold they get on the way? I can and you don’t wanna know!

They meet truckers and librarians and read books about planes and I think grandma may be very happy to see them. Their glamping adventure with an old woman turns out to do them the world of good and the burger they were awarded made me extremely hungry!

I recommend this book if you like comedy adventures and family squabbles, with twists here and there. They meet many new friends on the way and some new enemies too but the waitress at the pub might hope they drive off a very steep cliff. The details of the adventures are extraordinary and I highly recommend it for anyone who loves adventure and dramatic arguments.


By David Walliams

Reviewed by Tiana-Rose Clarke 6H

Do you like adventure? Do you like space? Then you will love and I mean LOVE Spaceboy.

Spaceboy is by David Walliams, who is a comedian and an author (obviously, because he made this book).  What happens in this story is in the middle of the night. While Ruth is gazing at all the stars, she happens to see a flying saucer blazing across the sky and BANG it crash lands into her field at her farm. She sneaks outside to see, trying not to wake up her Aunt Dorothy.  Suddenly, the flying saucer opens and reveals a mysterious alien, but before long, Ruth reveals some big secrets about this mysterious alien. My favourite characters in this utter phenomenon are Ruth, Spaceboy and Ruth's little dog Yuri. The part I ABSOLUTELY love about this story is when Ruth finds the alien.

This novel is the most amazing, thrilling book I have ever read. I would read this if you love space and if you have read other David Walliams books, I would read this if I were you. It is amazing and I mean AMAZING.


Destiny and the Wild Horses

Witten by Stacy Gregg

Reviewed by Hannah Thomas

Issie is determined to win the summer dressage at Chevalier point. But now she has to spend the holidays at her aunt’s farm instead. But when Issie finds out her beloved mare, Blaze, can come too things get exciting. And with movie-star horses to train, and a heard of wild ponies in deadly danger, this could be her biggest adventure yet!

Do you have problems with slipping into worlds when you aren’t paying attention in class? Do you need a world to slip into-an interesting, mysterious, adventurous one? Then Destiny and the wild horses is the book for you. This incredible thrilling book will take you on adventures you’ve never been on before. Written by the international bestselling author Stacy Gregg you are bound to love every second of it.

When I was reading the book a I couldn’t take my eyes of it. My favourite character has to be Issie she is so determined with everything. I recommend the book for ages from 8 and above. My second favourite character is Blaze the beautiful stunning mare who helps Issie in the toughest of times. I recommend to start reading the first one of the thirteen book series. This book is amazing for any animal and horse lovers.