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Chosen Charity - Northampton Hope Centre


Northampton Hope Centre

Christmas List

General Supplies

Long life milk - tinned
Tinned meat

Tinned Fish and Vegetables
Toilet roll

Gift Pack





Hope Centre Visit

On Wednesday 30th January all the MPPs spent the afternoon at the Hope Centre, finding out what happened to all of our donations.



We (the MPPs) visited the Hope Centre and saw where all the donations go.  We saw the kitchen, pantry and the art room.  Some of the service users are talented at some things like art.  The centre also provides education lessons (maths, English and other lessons).  They also provide IT lessons and service users can use it to email, play games and connect to the internet.

Maybe for fundraising we could have a craft fair and display some of the Hope Centre's work here at LBJS.....Phoebe 5C

The MPPs and their constituents haven't wasted any time when it comes to setting the schools fundraising wheels in motion.

On Friday 14th December the children and staff will be holding a 'Pyjama Day'. The Infant School has agreed to join in the fundraising fun and hold their own pyjama day too!

The children are being asked to bring in items from the Hope Centre's Christmas Wish List.  Each class will be given different items to bring into school on Thursday 13th December, ready for them to be boxed and collected by the Hope Centre on Friday 14th December.

 Pyjamas and Teddies at the ready!

Hope is a progressive anti-poverty charity that works to improve the lives of anyone affected by poverty, especially homelessness; through services, training, campaigning and advocacy.

Hope is a community charity owned by local people, doing good things in Northampton for local people.


  • We provide practical services that help people survive poverty and homelessness
  • We help people to leave poverty and homelessness through giving training and skills to improve employability
  • We campaign against poverty and negative attitudes and poor treatment towards our client group