Long Buckby Junior School

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  2. Relationship, Sex and Health Education

Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE)

The Department for Education have produced statutory guidance for schools for the teaching of R.S.H.E which comes into force in September 2020.  (Click here for the guidance) The school has taken the decision to follow the recommendations from the DFE and align our current policy and schemes to that of the new framework. Long Buckby Junior School uses the Jigsaw scheme of work for our Relationship and Health Education.  For the Sex Education aspects we use the material from Jigsaw but deliver it as part of the Science Programmes of Study in Year 5 and 6.  As such we restrict the teaching to changes to the body due to puberty and pregnancy; conception to child birth.  These are a statutory aspect of the science curriculum and as such there is no right to withdraw your children from these lessons.  We will, however, make parents aware of when we will be teaching this aspect of the science curriculum.

Long Buckby Junior School RSHE Policy and Objectives.