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Welcome to the all new LBJS
Pupils' Parliament

Prime Minister - Eleanor 
(Year 6)

Secretary - Lottie  
(Year 6)

Deputy Prime Minister - Oscar 
(Year 5)

After some spectacular speeches made by our newly elected MPPs - Member of Pupils' Parliament, the constituents of LBJS took to the ballot box and voted for their very own Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary. After the votes were counted and verified the announcements were made during Friday's Celebration Assembly.

Meet the other MPPs

Eleanor and James - 6N

Finnlay, Theo, Lucy - 4P

Harry and Cleo - 3C

LATEST NEWS 07.10.19

Today was our first meeting for our newly elected MPPS.  Top of the agenda was the task of nominating a new school charity for this academic year...Watch this space for more updates soon.

Kian and Lottie - 6EH

Mason, Summer and Ava - 4SH

Lewis and Emilia - 3F

Rory and Sophia - 5C

Oscar, James and Imy - 5SC

Huge congratulations to all of our newly elected MPPs. 
We know you will do a fantastic job helping to make LBJS an even better place to learn!

Next meeting: 14.10.19