Mrs Colton's Class 2023/24


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Term 3 Spring 1 - The Stone Age!


Last term, we learnt all about the Stone Age: when the Stone Age was in history, the types of houses the Stone Age people lived in, what they ate, how they hunted and lots more!


Our 'Stunning Start' day began by investigating Stone-Age poo! The children had a go at working out what they ate by pulling it apart and finding clues inside such as seeds, herbs, and 'bones'. They also had a lot of fun cutting and stewing fruit, creating some cave art drawings and making a stone-age weapon.

As part of our DT unit for The Stone Age, the children analysed, designed and created models of their own shelters. First, they had to design and create one using only materials that were availble during the Stone Age. After that, they designed ones with modern materials following a specification. We were lucky enough to visit Mill Park to then make their real modern shelters!


Class text

Our class text this term is The Wild Robot.

When robot Roz opens her eyes for the first time, she discovers that she is alone on a remote, wild island. She has no idea how she got there or what her purpose is - but she knows she needs to survive. After battling a fierce storm and escaping a vicious bear attack, she realises that her only hope for survival is to adapt to her surroundings and learn from the island's unwelcoming animal inhabitants.

As Roz slowly befriends the animals, the island starts to feel like home - until, one day, the robot's mysterious past comes back to haunt her.



Stunning Start

❄️ Frozen Worlds! ❄️


To introduce our Frozen Worlds topic, the children enjoyed a 'Stunning Start' day. We began the day with a fun letter hunt based on picture clues related to the Arctic and Antarctic  - this is where the children found out the name of their new topic! The rest of the day was filled with writing Haiku poetry, creating some wonderful Northern Lights art work, making fake snow and enjoying some hot chocolate (some children also wrapped themselves up in hats and scarves despite the boiling hot weather!)